Korean girls vs. Japanese girls

June 14, 2010 4:13 PM

Saturday night we were at The Deen, and Tham and I had this little conversation …

Me: Hey hey, check out those girls there.

Tham: Where?

Me: There, those two with the black hair. One short and one long.

Tham: Oh yeah. Hmm, looks either Japanese or Korean.

Me: I think they are Korean.

Tham: How do you know? You can’t see their faces.

Me: Well, they don’t dance like Japanese girls.

Tham: What do you mean?

Me: With the exception of professionals, most Japanese girls do this little two-step that looks great in a para-para video but that’s all they do so it looks weird if the music is not for para-para.

Tham: Oh …

Me: Korean girls move and grind their hips more, so it fits with house or R&B music, you know?

Tham: Wow, you just blew my mind. You should blog this.

Here’s what para-para looks like.


And for comparison, here’s a compilation clip of a bunch of Korean girl-groups dancing.


Hey Tham, don’t say I don’t anything for you man! But hey, I had fun looking for these clips too. They are so awesome. Hahah! :mrgreen:


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