Getting older makes me anti-social

August 20, 2010 4:29 PM

I don’t know if this is happening to you but it certainly is happening with me. As I grow older, although the things that I want in life is still sometimes vague and hard to define, what I do not want becomes that much clearer. The list of things that I’m willing to put up with becomes an ever smaller one and in a nutshell, I just can’t be fucked sometimes. :P

Meeting new people all the time was very important to me. Being a single guy, this was the only way to ever meet someone to date. You throw yourself out there and by the law of percentages, you hope you will get lucky. You try new things, go to different places and date outside of your comfort zone.

This is probably a bad thing but as time goes on, I’m becoming more set in my ways. I have friends that I click with, and whom I do not have to change or adjust my behaviour for, and it’s very simple and comfortable. It makes me happy. So it makes me question why bother with anything else?

Previously I would drag myself out to a social event even if I was tired or if I had to wake up early for work the next day, when I believed that the sacrifice was worth it, and that it was a necessity. Now? Not so much.

Of course, this probably means that it becomes that much harder for me to meet anyone outside of my social circle because I’m not venturing outside of it. But I deem myself a complete person as of now, and I’m not gonna question why I’m happy by myself or whether I should care. I just am. :)

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