The story of my love life in a comic

August 22, 2010 4:06 PM

Selina stumbled upon this awesome webcomic called Happysad, done by a Belgian by the name of Jeroen Vanstiphout. And I love it! He depicts situations that speaks to me greatly because check it, this is what my life is like currently with respect to love and relationships:

  • Plentiful female friends. Platonic. Bang balls.
  • Not only that but they are also quite attractive. I’m not bragging. Like all of them. Which adds to my frustration. Bang balls.
  • All the nice girls are taken. So far anyway but I’m working on this one. But still … bang balls.

The following two strips describe my love life or lack thereof in a nutshell. So yeah what is it about me and married women, or otherwise unattainable ones?

At a recent party

If I wasn't married, I would like you

And not that I mind that they are good looking and all that but it does makes me wonder about what I’m missing out on …

Like fish in a sealed off barrel

Me and my harem

And this one describes my coping mechanism to a certain degree: writing emo posts, dance music and err … pharmaceuticals. Remember kids, drugs are bad, mmkay? ;)

Rave on

Dance music makes me happy

I have now trawled through his entire archive and I even donated to his tip jar. It’s that good. Go read. :)

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