Ohai Mr. Walker!

November 24, 2010 4:17 PM


Two weeks ago, I got an email from Julie who works for J Walker Thompson and is the Johnnie Walker Community Manager. She said that she read that I drink Johnnie Walker, and asked if I would like to sample two bottles of special limited edition releases. Hell yeah! I immediately replied and said, “Yes, please!” :mrgreen:

And the package arrived today! w00t!



Three layers of packaging and bubble wrap later, behold … a bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label, Milestone Series with a special black label tin, and a bottle of Johnnie Walker Double Black.



I’ve never tried the Double Black variant before and for good reason …

It is currently only available duty free in limited locations, and is quite rare.


How did it taste? I drank it neat and it has a very nice bite to it and a strong oakey flavour. Oh and smokey. Just like it says on the box. Be friendly to me and I might just let you have some. :P

And btw? Being a blogger is great! This would be the 3rd time that I’ve received swag. The first time, I’d got 24 cans of Mother energy drink and the second time I’d got 6 bottles of Vitamin Water. Maybe I will get some KFC vouchers next. ‘Cos I love KFC. Really, I do. Woohoo!

Thanks again Julie!


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