Pretty is as pretty does

May 26, 2011 3:57 PM

On the weekend, I was talking to a very attractive girl, a girl that I thought was more attractive than her boyfriend. My reactions were incredulity, curiousity, and envy. In that order. As I talked to her more, I discovered that she is the epitome of every nerdy geek’s dream girl. She reads manga, watches anime and is a hardcore World of Warcraft player. All the while looking like honey-coated candy cotton fluff. She’s delicious is what I’m saying, in case it wasn’t obvious enough. Heheh.

She told me they had met at the supermarket that they were working in at the time. He was persistent. She thought that he was creepy. But eventually, he won her over and they got together anyway. Can the story get any more rom-com or what?!

After hearing her side of the story, I thought I should now talk to the guy and learn his magic tricks. And there were none. There were no tricks. He was just being himself, being sincere with her. The fact that he liked the same things that she did was a big factor of course. But there’s always this hesitation to find out more about a person whom one doesn’t find physically attractive at first, isn’t there? Plus he had a big barrier to cross because she had already thought that he was creepy. So I can imagine the day that they started talking about their interests and it hits them that they really have a lot in common.

Like I said, it’s such a rom-com.

I has always had the belief that there must be at least a slight level of mutual physical attraction to hold a relationship together. But, personality counts for more in the long run. And it is also the thing that can compensate for that initial lack of physical attraction. Love happens, one way or another. :)

“Pretty is as pretty does”. Proverb to mean: It is more important to treat people well than to be good-looking; just because you are good-looking does not mean you are a good person. (Said only of girls and women.)


Creepy from
And sometimes you just have to take that plunge and talk to her :)

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