I love vintage songs

June 29, 2011 3:59 PM

I heard Dean Martin’s rendition of “Memories Are Made Of This” used in an RAC insurance TV ad and loved it. It was apt and they don’t make songs like these anymore. I couldn’t find the TV spot so the above will have to do.

I then got thinking of how vintage songs have been used in my one big love: video games. And here are my favourites.

Polly Scattergood’s cover of “New York New York” in a trailer for Crysis 2.

B.o.B’s take on the same song, in the launch trailer for Crysis 2.

“Ain’t That A Kick in The Head” by Dean Martin, used in a trailer for Mafia 2.

Johnny Cash’s cover of the folk song “God’s Gonna Cut You Down”, used in the launch trailer for Splinter Cell: Conviction. Bang bang.

And my top 2 are both from the two Bioshock games released so far.

“Dream” by the Pied Pipers, used in the Sea of Dreams trailer for Bioshock 2.

“Somewhere Beyond The Sea” by Bobby Darin used in the launch trailer for Bioshock. <3

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