Bacardi 151 – for when you absolutely want to forget

July 24, 2011 3:56 PM

Girl cuddling a bottle of Bacardi 151
alb6450 @ flickr

Bacardi 151 is evil in a bottle. At 75% alcohol or 151-proof it’s highly flammable and is meant to be mixed into strong cocktails. But if you wanna get hammered very quickly at half the price, this is the shot for you. However …

If you like to enjoy your night slowly progressing from sober to buzzed to drunk, this is NOT your drink. If you want to help get the chick sitting on the couch into your bedroom, this is NOT the drink to use. If you want to showoff and think you’re a total badass, this is NOT your drink.

Urban Dictionary: bacardi 151.

Alcohol blackouts are nasty and nothing gets you there faster than a couple of shots of this swill. If you have a high tolerance of alcohol you can still function and appear normal but your brain is not capable of forming memories anymore. This was the crux of the rape case that I was a juror for.

Contrary to popular belief, alcohol does not kill brain cells but it does “interfere with brain receptors that produce steroids, which cause neurons essential to memory and learning to misfire”. And it gets you into dangerous and undesirable situations.

“If you drink enough alcohol, you will do things you won’t even realize you did the next day,” he says. “You will have conversations with people you won’t remember and put yourself in dangerous situations. You will get yourself in trouble, not remember and it may be the police explaining it to you.”

The Body Odd – About last night: Biology of the booze blackout.

Anyway, my point is … stay away from Bacardi 151. :P

Half a bottle of 151 off in a jug
1 cup of Malibu rum baby thats whassup then you
Fill the rest of the jug with pineapple juice and its crackin
The only defect is waking up like, “What happened?”

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