10 things about women that I learnt from my mom

December 30, 2011 1:49 PM

Susie Derkins helps Calvin in exam

  1. Don’t tell her to relax. Don’t say that she’s over-reacting. Don’t ever EVAR use the phrase, “Don’t be so emotional”.
  2. Just shut up and listen. You are not helping by offering a solution, especially when it’s a perfectly logical solution. Women don’t want or need your logic.
  3. Don’t make jokes about her period and/or its symptoms. You will instead memorise her cycle and learn to live with it. Don’t compound her mood-swings by arguing about her mood-swings. See #1. If you can’t handle it, leave the room and let her be.
  4. When she asks you to do something, it’s not a request.
  5. Anytime that she tells you that she likes something, mental-note it. You are expected to remember and there will be many exams.
  6. When she asks you if she looks ok/fat in something, don’t be brutally honest. Instead, say something like “I prefer that other dress”. That way, even if she doesn’t go with what you prefer and she won’t most of the time because “you don’t know anything about fashion and why did I even bother asking you”, you haven’t ruined her self-confidence for the day.
  7. You don’t have to be spontaneous but you have to be automatic. Know the difference.
  8. Say sorry and be done with it but make sure to at least pretend that you know what you are saying sorry for. Otherwise, you’ll also be saying sorry for not knowing what you are saying sorry for.
  9. Not complaining about what she does for you is not the same as complimenting her for what she does for you. And a simple thank-you goes a long way.
  10. All of the above should be reserved only for those who are worthy.

Remember, a happy woman is more willing to indulge your own neurotic whims. ;)

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