What woman want / What men want

July 25, 2012 1:46 PM

Michelle Yeoh and Jean Todt
Michelle Yeoh (actress) and Jean Todt (FIA president, and thus boss of F1)
I’m sure that to her, he’s also charming and intelligent.
And I’m sure to him, she’s also erm … Michelle Yeoh.

Women want:

  • a sensitive man who isn’t a wimp,
  • a man who’d protect her but not a bully,
  • a good looking man who is not poor,
  • a rich man who is also all of the above but if he isn’t, he’ll still do. He will be a “good provider”.

Men want:

  • a caring woman who doesn’t nag,
  • a woman who can carry a conversation but not want to talk all the time,
  • a woman who dresses well but is low maintenance,
  • a physically attractive women who is also all of the above but if she isn’t, she’ll still do. She’s hot.

We are not very complicated. In a nutshell, rich men for women, hot chicks for men. Once you’ve come to accept that is how thing’s work, you’ll get along so much better with the opposite sex. Why pretend to hide our intentions? Women look for good providers for their children and wealth signifies that; men look to propagate his genes with healthy women who have good vitality and beauty signifies that. It’s all biological. :mrgreen:

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