My temporary hood in London

August 21, 2012 9:25 PM

I’m currently holidaying in London, and soon Leeds and Prague. As always when I go on holidays, I’m taking lots of photos. To start off the series of posts for this holiday, I thought I’d show you what it’s like near the place in London that I’m living at – the place that Huishan’s landlord has graciously let me stay for free.

The area is Clapham South and this is what it looks like on the streets near the house.



This is what the kitchen and meals area look like in the house. It’s very classically Victorian and I like it.



This is the entrance to the local London Underground station.


Most London Underground platforms look like this.


This is the local Tesco (a supermarket chain).


And whilst grocery shopping there today, I realise that alcohol is half of the prices in Australia if you convert the GBP to Australian Dollar. Mind you, these imported beers did not have to travel far to get to the UK but I don’t think the difference should double the prices of what we pay in Australia.


That is it for now. More photos to come. :)

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