Prague August 2012

November 27, 2012 9:12 PM


You cannot take a bad photo in Prague. You just can’t. It’s made for tourists who are lousy photographers and an absolute joy for those who can appreciate the geometry, the symmetry, the narrow alleyways that surprises at every corner, the wide open public spaces and of course the stylised Gothic buildings.


I didn’t plan on going to Prague during my two week trip to London – I would have been content to just explore London, but I’m so glad that Huishan suggested it because I really loved it. I’m more of an urban tourist so a city like Prague hits my sweet spot.

I love looking at the buildings.




We were really lucky that the weather was excellent on our three days there.


It made for awesome alfresco dining on the streets.


Or junk food and beer by a food stall.


One good tip that I learnt from Huishan on this trip was to use the TripAdvisor app – they have itemised walking tours and the map works without a data connection. The attractions within the city centre are all within walking distance but be prepared to do a lot of walking and wear comfortable shoes with good cushioning. The cobblestone streets can wreak havoc on your joints otherwise. It’s a good thing that Prague will reward you for your effort though.


Besides the grand churches …



and monuments …


you also get the aforementioned fancy alley ways …


and this quirky little thing called the Lennon Wall.



On our last day there, and again thanks to Huishan we visited a place called Kutna Hora which was about 2 hours outside of Prague by train.


What did we go see? The Church of Bones, or more officially the Sedlec Ossuary. It was a little bit macabre and errie …


but it was infinitely fascinating.



All up it was an awesome trip – thanks Huishan! What did I remembered most about Prague? The good looking people – Czech women, phwoar!


And the oh-my-god-is-it-really-this-cheap beer! No more than $2 for a pint ANYWHERE.


Too bad this place is all the way across the planet because it’s certainly a place I can go back again. :)

3 thoughts on “Prague August 2012

  1. Irene

    Hey, can I know how did you get to Prague via London and roughly how much it cost?

    Is English spoken there? Am planning to visit but not too sure if I can manage on my own 😀

  2. mooiness Post author

    We flew easyJet which cost about £115 each return. And English is understood there especially with the younger people. Even if they don’t speak it back at you, they will understand you.

    You definitely can do it on your own but I feel it’s so much better with company especially if you like to drink. It’s so much cheaper compared to the rest of Europe.


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