Patience is a limited resource

December 13, 2012 1:12 PM

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… and I work in tech support which means I have very little patience left after work. It gets drained out of me. Imagine doing tech support all day at work and then coming home and having to do it for your family too. The friends and families of doctors and lawyers would take advantage of their skills and knowledge too but needing a doctor or a lawyer is not an every day thing.

Unlike tech support. Tech is pervasive. It’s almost everything that we touch these days, especially in recent years when the iPhone started the whole smart phone era.

OMFG I only just finished teaching my mother how to text!

Anyway where was I? Oh yes, coming home and having to do tech support on a daily basis for my family. The point of this story is that I get very impatient and grumpy with my family.

I am sorry that I get pissy but I just finished work, can you just let me sit down for a few minutes without asking me how to forward an email please?!?! And no I don’t know why that website is not loading. I don’t work for them. Look, if you’ve already turned the modem off and on like I’ve taught you and the site is still not showing up, then their server is down. And no I can’t bring it back. I don’t have magic powers! I’m not fucking Dynamo!

Mom: I cook and clean for you and you can’t even help me out with this?

Me: I appreciate everything that you do for me but I don’t come up to you when you are relaxing and ask you to cook and clean some more right???

Mom: That’s not the same and you know it.

Me: How is it not the same? *argh* Ok ok fine. Right-click on that icon. Right-click. Right mouse button. Click it. See the button on the right? Click it. Yes, click it once. Once. Click. Right-click! RIGHT-CLICK!!!

And you wonder why I drink. :mrgreen:

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