Love in a Puff

December 24, 2012 1:13 PM

Love In A Puff, with Miriam Yeung and Shawn Yue

I had caught bits of “Love in a Puff” on TV before but I never watched the full movie until recently. What prompted me to do so was because my friend Peggy said to me, “Since you like writing about men and women so much, you should really like this movie.” She was right and I really do. Unlike most romcoms, I thought this movie captures all the nuances and subtleties and the grey areas of what happens when two people like each other, in a very realistic way.

*spoilery bits to follow*

Stop reading now if you want to experience the movie unsullied by preconceptions like I did. ;)

In one scene, after parting ways because the girl’s boyfriend decided to come pick her up, the guy said that he will go home since he’s got work the next day. When the girl got home, she texts him asking him if he got home ok. He said that he’s still out. She replied by asking why is he staying out when he told her otherwise. He replied quite pointedly by saying “I’m single and I can do what I want.”

This is one topic that is a favourite of mine to discuss. I have only written about it once but I can assure you that it has happened more than once. And that is your female friend who is attached gets annoyed or jealous if you don’t involve her or if you are out with other girls. And I always respond like what the guy in the movie did.

Also from the same part in the movie, the girl only mentions that she has a boyfriend after they have spent the night exchanging flirty texts and then meeting up, and generally having a very OK time. Truly a sucky moment, and I too have experienced this.

Shawn Yue and Miriam Yeung in

So we’ve established that she’s not available when they met and when they ended up liking each other. The grey area and moral dilemma for the guy is how should he approach it? Like the male protagonist in the movie, I would initially hang back and try not to instigate anything more after I’d learnt the fact. Having said that though, I would also be like the guy in the movie whereby if the girl makes the move, I won’t have any qualms about accepting her advances.

Even if I was capable of it which I’m not, I’d have a problem with stealing someone’s girlfriend. Karma and all that. But having her making herself available to me would ease the burden on my conscience because obviously, there’s something wrong in her relationship already. This is one thing that I’ve never experienced so all of this is pure conjecture. I might not be the good guy. Who knows.

But just like the story in the movie, nothing in life is black and white. It’s all a muddle of greyness and we do our best wading through it. :)

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  1. MatrixM

    Just stumbled upon this randomly via the internet 😛
    I remember Love in a Puff coming on SBS. It was surprisingly great. Apparently it became a sleeper hit.
    The sequel, Love in the Buff, came out about a year ago. Good stuff. Not just a rehash of the first one, the ideas within the film stand on their own.


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