Me and three women talk about cheating

January 7, 2013 1:06 PM

A guy holding another girl's hand behind his girlfriend's back

The conversation started innocently enough but somehow it veered into the topic of paying for sex (I have) and how I can understand some men cheat and depending on how he treats his current partner/wife and kids, it may be forgivable. Naturally, all three women disagreed with me. Heheh.

We established the fact that a man paying for sex is better than him keeping a mistress, purely because there is less emotional attachment when he visits a prostitute, but only just. Visiting a prostitute is still cheating which it is if you think in purely sexual terms. That got me asking the question “what if he’s doing that because he’s not getting the sexual satisfaction in the relationship”? Is that a good reason to have sex with someone else? Again, “no” was the answer.

Women need a reason. Men just need a place.

Billy Crystal

One point that my friends brought up was the fact that, prostitutes excluded, men can usually have sex without being emotionally involved. Even though I feel that it’s better when there’s emotions and feelings behind the act, there’s some truth in that statement. There is a reason why prostitution is one of the oldest professions on Earth – men have made sex a sellable commodity for a very long time.

That being said, to my female companions complaining that your wife/girlfriend is not freaky enough in bed IS NOT a good reason to visit a prostitute. If you are not sexually satisfied, that’s tough luck. Which I think is a bit unfair. And also, you can’t emotionally cheat either. No flirty texts and Facebook comments. Because you know, that’s cheating too. What’s left then? Porn. You have to let us have our porn right?! Don’t get me going on the whole “porn is cheating” thing too. Because it’s not. It just isn’t, ok?! :P

Anyway, so what’s the conclusion of this conversation? Men and women are different. Duh.

p.s. I love having conversations with women.

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