A new beginning

February 23, 2013 12:56 PM

My glasses

Hi all. My blog host has died this week and I found out the hard way that my backups have not been working for a month, and I only keep one month’s worth of backups. Le sigh.

At first I’d contemplated whether I wanted to resurrect the blog but I thought it’d be a waste to just let it go. This blog now lives on the servers of the company that I work for – should have done this ages ago! I’ve managed to find a backup from January 2009 and I’m manually scraping some of my more popular and favourite posts from Google cache. So even though it’s kinda painful to have lost about three years worth of writing, it’s not a total loss. 🙂

This incident has also prompted a desire to revamp the look and feel of the site. I’ve also been told that I blog too much about my holidays. These people shall remained unnamed. Hahah! I am still going to post up my holiday photos but duly noted. I will try to go back to writing more about male-female dynamics which is endlessly fascinating to me.

Thanks for reading! :mrgreen:

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