The soulmate myth

February 28, 2013 9:35 PM

Babies who look like they could be soulmates
(source: 9gag)

If you work in the service industry, you might have heard this phrase before:

Good, cheap or fast. Pick two.

Similarly when it comes to women: nice, pretty or smart. Pick two. Hahah! :mrgreen:

Before the ladies kill me, let me explain. If a girl grew up being pretty, chances are that she didn’t need that much smarts to get by in life. And if she’s smart as well, then it’s likely that she knows how to use her sexuality to have things her way, and so she wouldn’t have gained humility and therefore feel the need to be nice to others. The only one exception to the above generalisation is a women who is pretty can be nice and smart too but she would have had to not realise her charms until later in life. That is, she is one who had blossomed physically after she had developed the other two things first.

All of which is to say the term “soulmate” is not realistic because it implies perfection when life is not perfect. You will be the exception if she’s everything that you ever wanted. Even then she will be a mate yes, but not a soulmate because a compromise of some sort would have been made. A wise person told me that if the other person doesn’t repulse you physically, likes being around you and can handle your bullshit, then he or she is a keeper.

Me? I am mateless now but I’m ok with it. 🙂

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