Doggy skin cancer – it’s a thing

March 7, 2013 8:44 PM

Snoop laying under the sun

I knew dogs can get cancer but somehow it never crossed my mind to stop Snoop from lying under the sun for all of the 12 years that I’ve had him. He was always a dog that loved the sun – he loved it so much that my mom nicknamed him “The Aussie Dog”.


It was a mistake of course, to think that slip slop slap does not apply to dogs. Around late November, I spotted what I thought was a bloody pimple around his groin. It started out small and then gradually bigger, till one day it started weeping blood. I won’t gross you out any further except to say that it burst and left an open sore. I thought it was just a skin thing so I kept it clean and dab on a little bit of Dettol every day.

Then I left for my holidays in late January and had to leave him in a boarding kennel for 3 weeks. When I got back the open sore was worse. I made him wear a cone whenever he’s indoors which stopped him licking it constantly. That allowed the sore to close up a little but its size never reduce. Two weeks later I took him to the vet and was told that it is skin cancer and it should be cut out immediately.

The night before the day of the surgery I took a closer look and found three other little reddish bumps that looked suspicious. These were cut out along with the big one. The tumour is currently being analysed to see if he will need chemo, in case the thing had spread. Fingers crossed!

Snoop after the skin cancer was cut out
Here’s him after I got him home from the vet.

All this means that I can’t leave him outside alone anymore – he just loves the sun too much. But yeah, learn from my lesson and don’t let your dog lay under the sun too much especially when the sun is at its hottest and strongest. Also, I can’t emphasise the importance of pet insurance enough – this op to cut out the tumour and the lab work to analyse it cost me around $1000. With my pet insurance I should get about 50-60% of it back. 🙂


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