The brutal rejection is sometimes the better option

March 21, 2013 9:31 PM

Friend Zone, Level 150

In the game of courtship the potential for miscommunication and misunderstandings is high. There will be times when the girl doesn’t know a guy likes her that way and the guy can’t tell if she’s really into him or if she just enjoys his company, which will lead to the inevitable confession and question, “Do you feel the same way about me?” And unlike the movies, chances are that she really just enjoys his company and conversation and nothing else.

So now she has to reject him. If he had only been less clueless and realised early on that he won’t get into her pants anytime soon and not stuck his neck out like that. But here we are. To most girls’ credit, they will choose to use the soft rejection by saying “I hope we can still be friends”. Which sounds so much like bullshit because it is – once a guy wants to be more than just friends, he can’t go back to just being friends – but it is the nice way of letting someone down.

And praise be to the subset of the nice girls above, who after rejecting you nicely, can still manage to be around you and not be all awkward about it. I know these girls exist because I know such a girl. But you know what? Some guys cannot handle that and it is better to just yank that band-aid in one swift albeit painful motion, so to speak.

These same guys cannot be left in the friend zone thinking that they still have a shot. And with these same guys, it is probably best that you reject them in the most cold and blunt way possible. You cannot offer them a single sliver of hope because these are the ones who think persistence works even though we all know that it rarely does.

Luckily for the rest of us, even though we may sometimes think of our female friends in a sexual way (come on we’re guys, we are just wired like that) we wouldn’t give up the friendships that we have with our female friends because man, how dull would it be if all our friends were other dudes?! :mrgreen:

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