You are so beautiful ! Get away from me, you creep!

May 2, 2013 9:47 PM

Went to the moon, took 5 photos; went to the bathroom took 37 photos

I’ve been noticing a trend lately especially since Instagram came onto the scene and that is girls really like taking photos of themselves and then uploading them. And it’s predominantly a girl thing. I can say that because I follow guys on my Instagram and they don’t post any many pictures of themselves as the girls do. I don’t know about male celebrities *cough*selinalovessungkangtoomuch*cough but between regular guys and girls? The girls win.

Before the invention of the “like”, to be creepy takes effort. You have to leave enough comments like “OMG you are so beautiful!”, “Wow, marry me!”, or “No seriously. Marry me” before you creep someone out. Now with “like”, being creepy is effortless. It’s an impulsive and spontaneous thing. You see something you like? You “like” it. Tap-tap. Done! Omg she’s so hot.

Toilet selfie
Seriously though? What’s with all the toilet selfies?

The question then becomes: how many times can you like a girl’s selfies before it becomes creepy? I asked this question on my Facebook and I got only two answers. Thanks Facebook friends! My cousin JC says so long as she keeps posting them, one should keep liking them because that’s what they really want. Attention and lots of it. Which is kinda true.

Daniel Craig photobombs Taylor Swift
I like this x1000

And Selina says one does it until she blocks you. Which is a non-answer. Thanks Sel!

Selfie girl gets photobombed
(source: People of Walmart)

Wahahahah! Ok so back to the question. How many “likes” does a stalker make? To understand that, one needs to question why a girl uploads photos and photos of herself for everyone to see. It is to fish for compliments is it not? So it’d behoove us, the audience to clap and approve, right? So my answer is, it’s never too creepy to “like” if she likes people looking at her. 😛

I will leave you with a sub-genre of the selfie: the flexing selfie. Hey girls, never stop doing what you do. Ya-yer.

Fit girls flexing themselves in their selfies

(pictures are from all over the Internet)

6 thoughts on “You are so beautiful ! Get away from me, you creep!

  1. pyjamas

    OMG those muscly selfies are scary! I mean, good to look at but that’s a bit intimate for me. I prefer the kawaii ones cos at least those are obviously just being bimbotically vain *insert V sign (or more accurately, the number 2 sign with fingertip stuck to one cheek)

  2. BigZapfer

    Wow! Mooi your beautiful! Marry me!


    Thats the funny thing though huh, women hate being looked at, but love attention (a generalization I know but I find it to be generally true).


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