If this isn’t a date, please say so

May 22, 2013 9:43 PM

Liam Helmsworth doesn't know what rejection is
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Read this article which struck a nerve in me because hoo-boy it has happened more than once. 😛

We meet for a drink, and you’ve brought along four friends. Which is weird.

If you were going to bring a whole bunch of friends, you should’ve mentioned it. If there was no romantic point to any of this, it’s up to you to mention it. If you’re using me for a quick self-esteem boost, well that’s just not very nice.

“If this wasn’t a date, then what was the point?” | news.com.au

I’ve had variations of the above happened to me. Some were better than others. I will illustrate using three different instances which will progress in increasing levels of pain. Heheh.

  1. On my very first date, after agonisingly building up the courage to ask her out, she said, “Who else is coming?” I blurted out the name of my best friend then, “Paul”. She said ok, we will meet at the theatre. She turned up with her brother and two of her friends. I sat next to Paul. She sat next to her brother and friends. On different rows. Argh. RAGE.
  2. On my third call and on the verge of giving up, she agreed to dinner. Yay! Then she said, “Can I bring a friend?” What?! Are you serious? Ok, yeah whatever. Going to the date I was feeling half-arsed and totally cbf about it but her friend didn’t show and we had a most pleasant time. My three-call rule got reset and I tried again after that, and flamed out in the process. Argh but meh. You have to be in it to win it right? At least I tried. 🙂
  3. Talking to her felt easy and effortless so I thought let’s take it to the next level. She readily agreed to dinner but when I turned up she was sitting there with two guy friends. Oh no she didn’t! Hulk SMASH! Well actually, Hulk just sulked and ate his dinner.

It’s never nice when you are being rejected even when it’s being done indirectly, though I guess not every one can dish out a brutal rejection. However, if I’m being unambiguous about asking you out then just be upfront about it. Pour cold water on me by saying that you will bring your friends? That’s ok. Bring your friends along unannounced? That’s not ok. 😉

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