Sticky Nips

June 12, 2013 9:21 PM

Sticky nips is not real. Is it???

I first saw this shown on The Gruen Transfer. It’s a pastie that a woman would place over her nipples to make it look like her nipples were erect. I’m trying to figure out the target market for this thing. Is it for women who want to have that raisins-trying-to-escape look but who do not want to endure cold air on their chests or who are too poor to afford ice? That’s a very specific demographic.

Also I did not know that there are women who would consider this a good look. Yeah sure I guess this can be a fun novelty thing for couples but that’s not what the ad is going for. They are actually suggesting that you as a woman would want to have your high beams on in public, where people will stare at them. Not just on a date but in serious board room meetings where I guess people should really be paying more attention to your nips than what it is that you are presenting. Way to break the glass ceiling! You go girl!

I am not making this shit up. Watch it below. :mrgreen:

p.s. The site is defunct. I can’t even buy it for erm … research purposes. *ahem*

2 thoughts on “Sticky Nips

  1. BigZapfer

    The only potential use I can see for these is to recreate the kissing scene from Spiderman. Although isn’t this a bit like fake breasts, once you know they are not the real deal, they kind of loose their appeal ;]

    1. mooiness Post author

      The whole thing is just nonsensical. I mean did they even ask women is this what they really want? Hahah! Also, the women who acted in the ads should have better judgement = “WTF is this?! I’m out. I don’t need the money that badly.” 😛


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