How to approach a woman, apparently

June 23, 2013 12:13 PM

I saw the title of this post and it immediately demanded that I clicked on it. And here it is:

Ten things to avoid when hitting on me |

The author of the post says she is a sex and dating coach. Some of her points are valid:

  • Don’t do “the neg“, ie. back-handed compliments.
  • Don’t brag about your money.

But some seem to contradict each other or require a very fine balancing act:

  • “Stop touching my lower back, elbow or shoulders”, but also don’t leave your sexuality at the door either. That is, let her know that your are interested in her without touching her.
  • Be confident and not put yourself down but don’t be cocky.

And she also adds that even you manage to follow all her rules meticulously, you can still get shot down so “Don’t take it personally if I say no”. That’s the thing with human attraction – it’s a highly nebulous and mysterious thing driven by chemicals in your brain. So yeah, there are no real rules. Be yourself, be nice to her, make her laugh without obviously trying too hard and hope that the feeling is mutual. If it is not, then you should move on and don’t force the situation.

However, one thing has stayed true throughout human history and that is if a guy is rich and/or powerful enough he doesn’t even have to be charming or good looking because women will put up with all kinds of shit to be with him.

Ryan Gosling can get any girl he wants
If you are poor though, then looking like Ryan Gosling won’t hurt
(via tumblr)

4 thoughts on “How to approach a woman, apparently

  1. anna84

    Yes yes yes yes and yes. Everything she says is right on the money and I found myself nodding in agreement throughout the whole article.


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