The Move

January 21, 2014 8:51 PM

So for the past few weeks, three big things have occupied my mind:

  1. find an apartment in Melbourne
  2. repair the air-con and power window on my Skyline to make it sellable
  3. figure what to pack to Melbourne

#1 took me 3 weeks and is done. I got a place in the location that I wanted: close to the office and to Chinatown. Main criteria is that I can easily walk to both. This was my first time looking to rent a place and what made it a bit tricky was that I was not physically in Melbourne. Some agents insisted that I inspect the properties before I can even apply. I also found that some agents don’t even respond to your applications which I found annoying.

#2 is also done. Initially I had baulked at having to spend maybe $2000-3000 that I was quoted by an automotive air-con place to repair it on a car that is not worth that much more. In the end though I knew it had to be done because who the heck will buy a car with no air-con these days. I brought the car to my usual mechanic and with a compressor that I sourced online ($190), he got it fixed and had the system flushed for about $1290. Tested it out the other day during the heatwave that we had and it was actually too cold. Hahah. Brilliant.

The power window relay switch was replaced with one that I also bought online ($120) so that is fixed too. My car is now as good as when I got it. Should have done these repairs a long time ago. Seems like a shame that I won’t be able to enjoy it anymore. 🙂

#3 was the easiest – I was only ever going to bring my clothes, then my mom suggested bringing over pots and pans and miscellaneous kitchen utensils. Then she added to the pile bed sheets and a quilt. All up I will be shipping over four crates and a suitcase of things. This is in addition to another suitcase and my backpack when I fly over.

Speaking of which, I will be flying from Perth on the night of the 30th and arriving the next morning to sign the lease and pick up the keys. And if everything goes right, I should have some electrical goods delivered on the same day and the rest of my stuff in the next week.

It feels kinda surreal at the moment but I’m very conscious of how little time is left before I leave my life here in Perth. So I’ve been spending as much time with my family and Snoop as I can. As for my friends, I will miss them but that’s not such a big deal because as with my family, I foresee quick holidays by them and me, back and forth between Perth and Melbourne.

I’m also looking forward to the people that I will meet in Melbourne and to experience a different way of life. One thing’s for certain: I will have to get used to waking up with a hangover without lunch already waiting for me (thanks mom!) though alternative options are within easy reach. 🙂

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