Arriving in Melbourne

February 22, 2014 4:46 PM

View from the balcony at night with a full moon

The morning that I arrived in Melbourne was a blur so I will list the events in point form:

  • Arrived 5:30am. Killed 3 hours at airport. Took taxi to real estate agent’s office to complete the paperwork for the apartment.
  • Forgot to organise a bank cheque for bond so spent another hour taxiing to a nearby bank, waiting in the long ass queue, got the cheque and then back.
  • Got to apartment just in time to receive white goods delivery. TV, fridge, microwave oven and washer – the essentials! Whilst helping the delivery guy move the stuff around in the small apartment I ripped my favourite pair of pants. Was not a happy Jan. =_=
  • Thought I’d be efficient and go get some basic groceries but the heat that day and the lack of sleep got to me and I crashed on the apartment floor instead.

So that was the first day.

My impression of the apartment at first was “gees this is small”. Hahah.

When opening the front door, it just barely passes by the fridge. In hindsight, that was pretty lucky because until the first day, I had not seen the apartment in person and the fridge was ordered online also sight unseen. Anything larger and I would have been really pissed and stressed.

Same goes for the washing machine. It fits just nicely behind the door in the bathroom. Phew.

On Tuesday of the first week I visited Fantastic Furniture in Richmond and ordered the stuff that you see in the photos below.

Those didn’t arrive for another week and a half so I slept on the floor for about 2 weeks. The day they arrived though I spent 7 hours assembling them all. Setting up house on your own is pretty tiring work. 😉

I only just started using the kitchen and due to the restricted space, cooking involves a bit of logistics and planning ahead – a kitchen sink cover provides more counter space but that means that you have to clean/wash the ingredients first before you can start prepping. This was something that I took for granted in my parent’s house with its large kitchen.

However even if I do gripe about the size, the apartment is very livable and cleaning is a breeze. The location is also very much to my liking. The office is about 10 minutes walk away and so is Melbourne Central and QV – two big shopping areas which I walked to and back from many times in the first few days buying groceries and household items because I was a bit disorganised and did not know what I needed in the apartment until I needed it.

A sign in a Daiso store in Melbourne

Living in the city does have its advantages:

  • Close to a lot of restaurants/eateries that I have yet to try
  • Shops for everything
  • Not having to wake up early to get to work via public transport
  • Walking for everything is all the exercise that I need

One disadvantage is the background noise of a city and the sirens. Opening the window at night is not conducive to a good night’s sleep. But I’m settling in nicely even if I’m missing my friends and family and in particular, Snoop. 🙂

Seeya soon buddy!

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