My life in Melbourne so far

April 6, 2014 12:06 AM

Melbourne's GPO building

I’ve now lived in Melbourne for two months and so far so good. I’ve not as homesick as I thought I would be, though going home to an empty place without food already on the table (hi mom!) took a while to get used to. Not having Snoop greeting me at the door every day is the number one thing that I’m missing. For everyone else, there’s the Internet and the phone. I’ve even given my mom access to my Facebook so she knows exactly what I’m up to. That has not stopped her calling me every other day but I don’t mind it though, even if it’s just her asking me “have you eaten?” and “what did you eat?” Hahah! But seriously mom, thanks for reminding me about your home cooked meals that I don’t get to eat. Heheh. 😛

Melbourne CBD is great for a single person in that one doesn’t actually feel bored or would go insane if you had no one to go home to. Everything is walkable and people watching is great. That said, I haven’t been out as much as I would be if I was still in Perth. Most of the people I know here are from work and luckily for me, they are a great bunch of people. I have been socialising with them more than with people outside of work. This is in contrast to Perth where I worked in a small office and not everyone comes in all the time – most days, I’m actually alone. By the time the weekend comes, I’d be craving for my friends’ company.

So I’m enjoying the working environment here more because I get to see people whilst I work, and nothing beats face-to-face for problem solving and the sharing of ideas. And venting and shooting the breeze during breaks help the day passes by more pleasantly. I’ve also attended a few work functions including two Melbourne International Comedy Festival shows. All of which lessens my need to go out and see people on the weekend. I do want to go out more but this is early days and I’m still building up my social network here.

In the mean time, my weekends are mostly occupied by laundry, vacuuming, buying groceries and cooking stuff that takes more than a few hours to make like soup and curries which I’d then eat the next week, or freeze. Oh and I’ve been video-gaming, ALOT. I once spent one entire Saturday playing Diablo 3 (hi Adrian!).

I will be going home to Perth for a week during Easter and the fact that I get to do that makes me feel incredibly fortunate because when my parents came to Australia to study when they were kids, they never got to go home for years. So what I’m trying to say is, I can’t and shouldn’t complain because my life is good whether it’s here in Melbourne or back in Perth. 🙂

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