When It Rains

July 20, 2014 1:07 PM

It’s been a while since I’ve written here. Sometimes not much happens but this past month isn’t one of those times.

New Job

Work during May and June was especially frustrating and it made me wonder if moving here was worth it considering that I’ve only been here since the beginning of February. Despite city life being awesome, and a social life that is starting to get more fun, work pays for everything and if work is not pleasant anymore then it is a problem.

Serendipity feels like it happens a lot in my life, and it did happen here again. An ex-colleague of mine was leaving his job and referred me to his manager. Had I been happy with my current job, I would not have went in for an interview. The fact that it is also just across the street from my current office was an extra incentive to just go see what’s on offer.

The interview went really great because with regards to the technical aspects of the job I was a shoe-in and they already knew that as my ex-colleague and I did the same job when we were working together. Culturally it felt like a good fit too. I was offered the role by the end of the day.

The place is more formal than the current place (hello business shirts!) but from my two days spent there for a handover with my friend who’s leaving, the people seemed nice and friendly. I start tomorrow. I’m excited and a bit nervous. However, after 6.5 years at my current job I felt ready for a change.

This is my new employer – Lincoln Indicators and I will be their new systems administrator.

Lincoln's letter of employment offer

Mom’s visit to Melbourne

Inside Oriental Spoon on Elizabeth Street, Melbourne

Mom was here for 2 weeks and it was swell. Although I cooked a few meals whilst she was here, she did most of it during her stay. It reminded me of home in Perth with her because I didn’t have to think about groceries or what to cook after finishing work. We shopped and ate out quite a bit. Her favourite places were Uniqlo and Wonderbao.

I wanted to take her to fancier places but she said not to waste my money. That’s my mom. 🙂

We had such a great time just being in each other’s presence that I was a bit depressed when she left a week ago. But any time is better than nothing. At my age, you’d realise that time with our parents is precious – time waits for no one and is fleeting.

My Car in Perth

Thanks to my brother my car has now been sold, after about 4 months on the market. Bye bye car. You’ve served me well since I got you in 2001. Many fun times were had and I’ve driven you a little too fast more than a few times. Shhh. 😉

Snoop has a new lump

I don’t want to end this post on a sombre note but chronologically, it is the most recent event as I was told just yesterday. Mom had taken Snoop to the vet because she was worried about the appearance of a lump on his chest. It turned out to be cancerous but we don’t know if it’s aggressive or if it was invasive locally or otherwise. We will know more once a chest X-Ray is done next week. As Snoop is 14 this year, the vet has advised me to be prepared for the end.

Of course I’m sad, and I haven’t even recovered from my mild depression since mom’s left either. I feel some frustration that I’m not there to deal with it myself, and a sudden urge to go home. However, I’m putting it in perspective. This will be the third time that Snoop has cancer and he has had a good run over this past 14 years. When the time comes I won’t be selfish – I won’t prolong his life unnecessarily with painful surgery and misery just because I will be sad to see him go, even as I’m choking up a bit from writing my feelings here.

There is a family trip to Taiwan in November that I already have leave for. I will be forgoing that and I will use that 2 weeks to be in Perth to spend with Snoop. Yup, time is precious and fleeting indeed. Go hug a love one today.

This is funny even though I'm not Christian
Ok maybe a little bit of levity is appropriate right now …

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