Urban Taiwan

January 3, 2015 12:12 PM

A “Help Wanted” sign outside a restaurant in Taiwan

As you might have gathered from my last post, I loved my trip to Taiwan. The people were friendly and outside of Singapore and Malaysia, I felt that they were the most culturally similar to my family out of all the Chinese speaking places that I have been to. And being an urban creature, I loved taking in the street scenes and buildings. Here’s a sample of what I saw.

The view from my hotel room in Taipei, with the iconic Taipei 101 in the distance.

A side street near the hotel.

7-11 is ubiquitous throughout Taiwan, even in the most remote parts.

Shop selling pork ribs and soup at Shilin night market in Taipei

The trendy and brash Ximenting district of Taipei.

Ximenting shops.

Ximenting street.

Ximenting alley.

Ximenting underground train station.

Tainan at night, a city in the south of Taiwan

Tainan city from our hotel room.

Even the manhole covers were interesting.

I will follow up this post later with one showing the older side of Taiwan.

Until then, here’s me hugging a giant stone penis in Alishan.

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