Snoop’s life in pictures

March 19, 2016 8:30 AM

Snoop the dog

My dog Snoop was put down this month (6-3-2016) after giving us 15 years of wonderful memories. Here’s a pictorial tribute to his life.

With Dillon the Alaskan Malamute when he was 4 (2004). Dillon would pass on the following year.

dill-n-snoop-on-floor.jpg dill-n-snoop-on-floor-2.jpg

He really liked to pose as Superman.

Snoop in a superman pose

Here you can see the beginning of a lump near his right paw that forced the amputation of his leg 5 months later (2006).


Him acting like he hasn’t just lost one of his legs (one month after it was amputated in 2007).

Snoop the dog – an update from Marcus Ooi on Vimeo.

He also loved hanging out with mom in the front yard because he can death-stare at the neighbour’s dog (2007). Don’t worry – he was tied to a post.


This clip of him eating rockmelon was pretty popular back in the day (2009).

Snoop eating rockmelon from Marcus Ooi on Vimeo.

He loved the sun so much that he got skin cancer near his groin (2013). Dayum son.

Snoop sun bathing

This couch was his favourite.

Snoop sleeping on his favourite couch

He loved protecting us.

Snoop. Guardian of the living room.

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Like all dogs, he loved chasing after balls (2015).

Throw it throw it throw it.

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And then he’d chew on it in this position (2014).

The downward dog.

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His final resting place is one of his favourite spots in the backyard.

Snoop's ashes being buried in the backyard

Snoop's plaque

Smiling and wagging your tail till the end,You didn't make it easy.But there's a time to be strong,And there's a…

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