“Why are you not on Tinder?”

November 6, 2016 3:33 PM

I'm single and I'm ok with that
And I’m ok with that.

I feel like I’m rehashing myself because I’ve written about this at least twice before, and very eloquently too I might add. Seriously they are really well written. Go read them. 😀

Why aren’t you asking her out?
Saying I’m single as I grow older

But ain’t nobody got time for that so Imma just gonna write about it again. I will even put in 10% more effort to make it slightly different. You are welcomed.

The impetus for this post is me being asked the question:

You are single right? Why are you not on Tinder?

This is a variation of the concern that some people in relationships have for a singleton like me, because according to them being single can’t possibly be good. The implication of the question is that I should be doing something to change that and I should use all the tools and apps available to us now in the Internet age. That I should have no excuses to be single and that I’m single because I’m not making any effort.

So why am I not on Tinder? I last dated seriously about 10 years ago. I can’t explain why I lost interest in the whole process. For a while I thought that I might be asexual but no, every time that I step outside confirms that I’m not. I’m attracted to women and I like looking at women.

And I still have a healthy sex drive. So much so that I’ve paid for sex even though it’s much better when there’s an emotional connection. The empty and unsatisfied feeling after tells me that I was not going to get it from a woman who is paid to be with me. And just to emphasise the healthy sex drive thing, I’ve paid for it more than once even though I know sex is better with a girlfriend than not. And no, the “girlfriend experience” may mimic the real thing but it is still not the real thing.

Despite the lack of physical intimacy though, I’m happy in life. I wake up every morning thinking how lucky it is to be alive and to have the people that I have in my life. I take pleasure from the simple things in life: a delicious meal that I made myself, my mother calling me to ask me about that same meal, the sun shining on my face on a cold day, my friends thinking and telling me that I’m awesome, a delicious alcoholic beverage or ten, and my memories and thoughts about having shared 15 years of my life with Snoop. And one of many things that the Internet is super great for …

A puppy sleeing on its back on a couch
Pictures of sleeping puppies! What … you thought that I was gonna say porn? Ok yeah, porn too.

Perhaps the above explain why I have not placed much priority into finding someone to date. And I’m sure this goes for others who are similar to me. We don’t need pity or concern when we choose to be single and to value our lives more than by who we are with and what other people think about our marital status. Life is fulfilling in so many other ways.

So until I’m lucky enough to stumble onto the person that I want and she wants me back …

Unlike these women, I am not too classy to watch porn. :)
“’Put the chicken in the fridge.’ This is not a sentence I had ever expected to hear from Christian, and only he can make it sound hot, really hot.”

I can take care of things myself. 😎

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