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When blogging crashes into real life

November 4, 2007 11:16 PM

Blacked-out text

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Writing here has not only been a creative outlet for me but it’s also how I deal with things that I feel strongly about. For example, the stuff about irrational jealousy and my grandmother. The first has lost me a friend but I have yet to hear anything about the second. Though my father has mentioned perhaps I should not have posted it, even if most of the family knows that I did not make up anything in what I wrote.

Amongst people whom I know in real life, I think that I’m the most comfortable with laying my life bare online. And sometimes it’s easy to forget that not everyone in my life is as comfortable with that as I am. My skin is probably too thick for my own good. I may not care what people think of me, especially people that I don’t care for, but others care about how they are perceived and I should be more sensitive to that.

When blogging crashes into real life, I would definitely choose real life over it. An online life can be great but not when it is detrimental to the real. Over the past two years, I believe that I have allowed the fine line between what’s bloggable and what’s not to blur, especially where it concerns the people in my life. To friends and family who I may have caused trouble for, I sincerely apologise.

Self-censorship will be tricky but it looks like it’s gonna be a necessity. All of us being so interconnected by technology, we don’t know whose path we may cross now or in the future. I may throw myself at the mercy of the Internet gods, but from hereon I promise not to drag you down with me. 🙂

Because of Blogging

November 1, 2007 11:51 PM

I blog

Because of blogging:

  1. I use my phone to jot down any and all random ideas that pop into my head throughout the day, even when I’m sitting on the toilet. Even when I am just about to fall asleep.
  2. I bought a digital camera, and started seeing everything in camera angles. I started to fantasise if only my eyes were cameras, then I could capture it all.
  3. I sometimes take photos before I do, say or eat anything. It weirds people out.
  4. I discovered that my blogging hobby could earn a little bit of money. I used that money to buy more toys to support the hobby.
  5. On some days I get writer’s block and then I wonder why am I worried about having something to post? And I think, “is blogging cramping my real life?
  6. I’ve argued with total strangers online and thought, “Geesus, this is so freaking pointless!”
  7. I’ve lost a friend.
  8. I got overly obsessed with stats, and ranking in things that don’t matter. I’ve got readers who use RSS to keep up with me (subscribe now!), readers who link to me and click through to me, and readers who simply bookmarked me or type in my address into the browser. They are the ones that matter, and the fact that they keep coming back is what keeps me going. Good for me, good for you. 🙂
  9. I’ve had readers who don’t comment but who email to let me know that they really enjoy reading me. One even said that I’ve touched and inspired him in his life (hi VU!). He may be the only one who’s ever said that to me, but that’s probably what makes it so awesome.
  10. I’ve met people whom I wouldn’t have met otherwise – you see them on the top commentators list and on my blogroll. You guys are tops. And I’m still meeting new bloggers and commentators today. Blogging enriches my life to no end.
  11. 90% of my online reading consists of other blogs. The only non-blogs I read are tech and news sites.
  12. I comment all over the place and lose track of them.
  13. I’ve learnt how to be my own worst critic. But also a pretty darn good editor at the same time. *cough*
  14. I’ve had random strangers recognise me through my photos and videos. It always give me a buzz.
  15. I’ve learnt to approach strangers and talk to them. And then I take their photos.
  16. Family and friends know what I’m up to without me telling them. I’m lazy that way. “Read my blog!”
  17. I’ve been more honest with myself than I would ever have been. But at times, I hold myself back from being too honest.
  18. I’ve fantasised about doing this full time, travelling and covering clubbing events around the world and become a world-famous roving reporter of the dance music scene. And maybe get on MTV, E, V or VH1. That’d be mad. Ok, I’ll settle for just Australia. :mrgreen:
  19. I’ve got a creative outlet. It makes me feel good because I’m not creative in any other way.
  20. I’m creating a living history for my family. If I ever marry and have kids, I think they’d get a kick out of it. Just like how I would if my parents had blogs.

inthemix featured my Godskitchen clip

September 14, 2007 6:48 PM


inthemix is a site dedicated to the reporting of the dance and electronic music scene, the personalities and the events happening inside and out of Australia. I just stumbled across one of my clips from last year’s Godskitchen event being featured in their “Full Coverage” page for this year’s GK show, which I will be going to.

Here’s how they described the clip.

We came across this clip on YouTube from last year’s Perth date of the Godskitchen tour. Check it out if you’d like to see a rather ‘excited’ clubber at 6am (“I’m still awake because I took something illegal… shhh!”), footage from headliners Eddie Halliwell, Above and Beyond and Cosmic Gate, and the venue being evacuated after a fire alarm was set off!

Have a safe time partying this weekend! :mrgreen:

“You’re not going to blog this, right?”

September 9, 2007 10:35 PM

A guy suffering a drunk prank
Nietzsche said, “That which does not kill us makes us stronger”.
(Pic via Dirty Scottsdale)

Would the re-telling of an embarrassing story to people who were not there or who were not involved, and whom the person in question will never ever cross paths with, be something for the person to get angry about?

All of us have embarrassing things happen to us and if we worry about what everyone who know about them would think about us, even if those people are strangers who don’t matter, then we’d all go insane.

I’m saying the above because some friends who know I blog have now gotten into the habit of adding this precursor to the conversations we have:

“You’re not going to blog this, right?”

I will honour their requests most of the time of course. Though if I start to hear the same story being told to me by other people then I’m gonna blog it, especially if I find it funny.

My thinking is this: if I don’t mention name or specifics, and if I don’t post a picture like the friends of the poor guy above did, then it’s just gonna be you and whoever else you tell the story to who’d recognise the story upon reading it. Why should you care what the rest, who would be random strangers think? Plus if you are so embarrassed about it, you wouldn’t be spreading the story yourself right?

To those of you who blog, have you ever gotten such a request for blogging discretion? And do you find it annoying that your friends now think of you as paparazzi just because you blog? 😉

Navel gazing is for pretty bloggers

August 19, 2007 11:56 PM

I had thought about doing a navel gazing post, a straight and dry diary-type entry about what I did on the weekend.

I could tell you about how I lost the ticket to DJ Hyper’s show on Friday night at Ambar, how I drove into the city during Friday lunch to get another ticket, and how the show ended up disappointing, and how Simon, Lydia and I left early.

I could tell you that how a system administrator’s job is like a fireman’s – when there’s no fire, it’s actually very mind-numbing. But there was such a fire on Friday when we lost connection to ALL our production servers, those that serve customers and their applications. I could tell you that I drove to our data-centre through peak-hour traffic in the city around 4pm. I could tell you how I spent 2.5 hours in the data-centre trying to work out the kinks, listening to the drone of hundreds of computers whilst catching glimpses of smiling office types walking to the nearest pub.

I also could tell you that I had to go into the office on Saturday to finish off what I was doing Friday afternoon before I had to rush away to our ailing servers. Yeah Friday was a total drag on the start of the weekend which was only salvaged by copious drinking and Anne Savage at The Rise.

So yeah, I could have done a navel gazing post but I remembered – only pretty female bloggers can do that.

Dawn Yang and Daphne Teo

I came to that conclusion based on the search-engine traffic to my posts about Dawn Yang and Daphne Teo – two female Singaporean bloggers whose entries are light and fluffy like cotton-candy. Though they must be doing some things right to get insane traffic and to continually get people to search for them on the Internet right?

I mean I haven’t written about them for a while and I’m still getting daily traffic to these posts below, listed in chronological order. And yes, this is a cynical ploy to hook in more traffic. :mrgreen:

Daphne Teo

Dawn Yang

Steph is Fabulous & The Art of Linkbaiting

August 15, 2007 6:27 PM

Steph Shaw of Much Ado About Sumthin!

Steph of “Much Ado About Sumthin!” fame has just written her 400th post. To celebrate, she posted a mass-orgy of mutual-congratulation and back-patting, ie. a “circlejerk” and sent out massive link love to all 112 bloggers on her blogroll.

400th Post! It’s A Circlejerk Partay!!

To wit,

My blogroll is a snapshot of the people in the sphere that have affected me in some way, and made me keep coming back to visit again and again. They’re people who I would love to shag or at the very least stick my tongue so far down their throat I could lick their intestines. FACT.

This is my salute to them.

P.S I lurk on many, many other blogs, and it doesn’t mean I don’t want to violate or feel you up inappropriately if you’re not mentioned.

Let me pause for a moment to look at the picture above and fantasise a little. Be back in ten …

*wipe wipe* *flush*

So she said this about me,

Mooiness- One of the most popular Aussie blogs and for very good reason. He writes about everything and anything and always puts his own unique twist on the topic. He’ll make you laugh and make you think. I think he’s awesome.

Steph, you are way more awesome. I think her blog deserves the praise “one of the most popular Aussie blogs” more than mine. As I’ve said when I first discovered her blog,

I think hers would be Australia’s most visited blog outside of those hosted by the Sydney Morning Herald, judging by the number of comments that she gets.

Heheh. As Steph said, this has been one big circlejerk.

Steph may not realise it but her post is an excellent example of what’s called “linkbaiting” in the SEO world, or search-engine optimisation. The object of linkbaiting is to get as many incoming links to your site as possible, so that search engines would think that your site is popular and relevant, and hence rank you higher in their search results. It’s also good for advert-pricing if she ever choose to do it, and for bragging rights, like on Technorati for example.

By doing a single post linking out to over a hundred other blogs, Steph is almost guaranteed to get all those blogs linking back to her. Why? Self-satisfied wankers like myself like to point to another person’s profuse praise to validate themselves. Me love Steph long time! :mrgreen:

Blogging bought me some toys

August 1, 2007 11:25 PM

LG widescreen monitor and Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ7

where the magic happens :mrgreen:

Blogging has been real good for me. It started out as a creative outlet way back when, then I met and got to know other bloggers, some of whom have become real life friends. And as mentioned in my latest podcast, blog advertising has also given me a nice little side income.

LG widescreen monitor

And this is the latest toy that I’ve bought with that side income: an LG 20″ widescreen monitor, $299. This is on top of the camera I bought in May for $399 – a Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ7.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ7

The ironic thing is, if I wasn’t a blogger I could have made do with my older camera, and if I wasn’t spending so much time in front of the computer, I would not have been tempted to upgrade the monitor.

Oh well, never mind. I’m now working towards the funds for my end of year holiday. 🙂