Cocktails and alcoholic beverages that I prefer


Beers, Ales, Lagers

  • Victoria Bitter
  • Tooheys Extra Dry
  • Stella Artois
  • Tiger
  • Tsing Tao
  • Kilkenny
  • Caffreys
  • Hoegaarden
  • Little Creatures Pale Ale

Whiskey Based Drinks – Jack Daniel’s, Johnny Walker Black, Chivas Regal, Dimple, Hennessy VSOP

  • On the rocks (only Hennessy VSOP)
  • with Coca-Cola
  • dry (with ginger ale)
  • with sweet green tea

Vodka Based Drinks

  • Screwdriver (with orange juice or pineapple juice)
  • with Redbull
  • with cranberry juice, or Ribena


    jager bomb
  • B52 – one third each of Kahlua, Amaretto, Baileys
  • Quick Fuck – one third each of Kahlua, Baileys, Midori
  • Tequila shots (only if I wanna get hammered real quickly and only if it’s the first and only drinks for the night – mixing Tequila with anything else is just bad)
  • Submarines – even more devastating than a tequila shot is a tequila shot dropped into a middy of beer!
  • Illusion – 1 shot each of vodka, Cointreau, Bacardi white rum, Blue Curacao, Midori poured into a shaker filled with ice and topped up with pineapple juice.
  • Jager Bomb (shot of Jagermeister dropped into a glass of Redbull)
me drinking


  • Long Island Ice Tea – 1 shot each of vodka, tequila, rum, gin poured into a shaker filled with ice and topped up with Coca-Cola.

More rum-based cocktail recipes.

Got a drink to recommend me? Add them to the comments. 🙂

27 thoughts on “Cocktails and alcoholic beverages that I prefer

  1. sourrain

    I read also I feel drunk…

    Submarine is sibeh shiokers. And jialat to the max.

    I’ve tried and liked most..other than Jaeger..I know whenever Bacon drinks jaeger he becomes violent.So we leave the bottle of jaeger in the fridge for rememberance.

  2. mae

    If you like the taste of licorice, I guess Sambuca is great. Flaming Sambuca is just a little more fancy. It’s sweeter. 🙂 I think I only like it flaming cuz it’s a novelty, having lit fire in your mouth. It’s just a shot of Sambuca and someone either lights it when it’s in your mouth (before you swallow, duh) or you coat your finger with a bit of the liquer and light it and stick it in your mouth.

    Absinthe is yummy too, with the caramelised sugar. Think I may have a penchant for arson 😀

    Try it! 😉

  3. mooiness Post author

    mae: I don’t like Sambuca but Absinthe? Woo, hard core. Not many places (in fact none!) serve it though. And I’m not sure if I can buy it from a liquor store either. But it’s definitely a drink that I want to try before I die. :mrgreen:

  4. mae

    Haha, Absinthe is illegal everywhere except Prague. Gives you reason to travel Europe! But they sell them on the internet, without the hallucinogenic (sp?), but still with the alcohol content. What about Flaming Lambo? I’m trying to think of all these drinks I normally have, but they’re all feminine cocktails. 😛 Not something a guy like you would enjoy or deem his favourite. As I can see you love your whiskyandbeer so much. 😀 Haha

  5. yvonne

    I love bud light and loose men, mostly men , with alot of loose change. Ben Franklin and so on. Bud light taste good with a man who can have a SENSE Of Humor. Excludes most of you. And who can live life, not see it go by. Which one of you so called “MEN” has truely lived? Traveled? Laughed.

  6. Dragonball

    Hi all,i would like to recomend a drink i tried while i was in portugal its called “Dragonball” and believe me not without good reason!!.Well its one third absinthe,one third sambuca and one third gold rush or gold stryke i can never remember anyway its the one with real gold in it!!!.When you put them all in the glass you can see the mixing in the centre like a little whirlwind,it all adds to it!.Dip your finger in,Down it in one(if you can)And breathe in the vapours from your finger.If you drink three of these in a row and are still alive let me know!!!.I had to drink my mates double jd and coke just to put the flames out and it tasted like water in comparison,lol,Take care.

  7. Jen

    If you are ever in Singapore at Zouk, do the Hot & Sticky. 7 different shots of liquor with a splash of fruit punch as a tease. Guys call it the pussy drink till they taste it.

    Tastes: Horrid
    Kicks in: within 10 mins.

  8. mslopez

    people… you should try this .. i concoct it on my own .. it’s a shooter. all one third of each .. absinthe black, sambuca and butterscotch schnapps.. its good!

  9. Jamie

    Hmm, I forget what it’s called, but if you’re into Jagerbombs and Vodka Red Bulls, why not combine both?

    A shot of Jager IN a Vodka Red Bull = liquid awesomeness!

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